List of Research Thesis at Faculty of Design, CEPT University

Name of Student Thesis Title
Energy Efficiency Year 2013-2014
Aakriti Jain Mapping of energy consumption of residential buildings in New Delhi.
Ankit Bhalla Impact of native trees on visual comfort within office interior spaces of Ahmedabad (India)
Energy Efficiency Year 2012-2013
Krutika ghawghawe Determining trade off between thermal comfort and cooling load in office building
Mihir Vakharia Impact of presence of courtyard on thermal characteristics of vernacular residential building: An exploration in hot-dry vernacular context of Ahmedabad
Sree Sowmya Chinta Study of thermal sensation of occupants in office buildings located in hot and dry climatic zone, Ahmedabad, India
Energy Efficiency Year 2011-2012
Ashima Charnalia (Ms) Integration of solar photovoltaics : to suffice interior lighting energy consumption of office buildings in Ahmedabad
Dharmesh Gandhi Analysis of Indian traditional Jali (stone lattice screen) for daylighting through simulations
Jalpa Gandhi (Ms) Vegetation as a climatic component in the design of urban spaces - case of Gandhinagar Central Business District.
Nirav Sonagara Embodied and operational energy assessment of alternative walling materials for multi-storey buildings in Ahmedabad - An approach toward low energy buildings in a lifecyle.
Pratibha Chaudhari (Ms) Potential of daylight by varying window area along the height in multi-storey buildings - A case in the dense urban areas of Ahmedabad
Purvi Panchal (Ms) Study to Evaluate window energy performance in Indian Building Sector
Shilpi Anand Saboo (Ms) Evaluation of One dimensional transient heat transfer through composite wall assemblies in Hot & Dry Region of Ahmedabad.
Energy Efficiency Year 2010-2011
Chaitali Trivedi (Ms) Study of prevailing lighting power density in commercial office buildings - understanding occupants visual comfort against available illuminance.
Deepali Aggarwal (Ms) Relationship between kitchen design and indoor air quality - study of indoor air quality in high rise residential kitchens in Ahmedabad
Padmini Rajaram (Ms) Potential saving in lighting energy due to change in Indian standard time: An enquiry in commercial office space in Indian.
Smriti Singla (Ms) Evaluation thermal comfort of occupants in conditioned office spaces.
Energy Efficiency Year 2009-2010
Ms.Neha singhal Analysis of daylighting devices for office buildings of New Delhi, India.
Mr. Rachit Kumar Effects of courtyard on thermal performance of commercial buildings in hot-dry climate, Ahmedabad, India.
Ms. Rohini Singh Effects of colors in interiors - an attempt to understand the energy of color with light on its spatial quality and efficiency.
Ms. Sanyogita Manu Optimizing WINDOWS for Thermal and Daylighting Performance : A Case of Commercial Buildings in Ahmedabad, India.
Ms. Dhara Naik A Comparative Study on Energy savings and economics for insulating materials used in wall in Hot and Dry Climate.
Craft & Technology Year 2013-2014
Ms. Anupama Nandakumar An enquiry into the role of craftsmanship on the perception of space - focus on the timber houses of Kerala.
Ms. Sonpal Brinda Kamalkumar Relooking of Bamboo: a journey into exploration of bamboo components for structural possibilities
Ms. U.P. Chandini An investigation of Generative Systems in Indian Temple Architecture
Ms. Kinjal Sheth Transformations in Building Crafts of Façade : A Study of Coastal Region houses of Mangrol, Gujarat - 1850-1940 AD by
Ms. Pavithra S.K. Identity in Openings : A focus on the Nattukottai Chettair Community
Ms. Shilpa Dharampal Ratnani Craft and its Integration in Space Making – Understanding the spatial Impact of Craft and Influence on Design Decision
Ms. Varsha M.B. An Enquiry into the Integration of furniture into the Kerala domestic interiors
Craft & Technology Year 2012-2013
Anusha Yashwant Babel Role of techiniques in generating expression - comparative study of bamboo houses in Tripura and Dang
Mitraja J Vyas Craft of cabinet: Wall cabinets in the early 20th century traditional bohra dwellings of Siddhpur, Gujarat
Rishav Jain Identifying the position of crafts in interior architecture: An enquiry into diverse approaches in India : Post 1990
Vrushali Babanrao Burli Study of wood carving cluster in Ahmedabad
Craft & Technology Year 2011-2012
ChandraPrabha R (Ms) Concept of ornamentation in traditional wooden houses of Travancore and analysing its adaptation in contemporary built form.
Divya Jain (Ms) Development of Indian seating furniture in British India examples from Ahmedabad 1817-1947 - A study of amalgamation of British techniques and Indian skills in the development of Bombay Blackwood furniture.
Karen Rodrigues (Ms) Wall 'murals' in traditional Goan houses; the various influences on the wall murals in the traditional architecture of Goa and its evolution inot contemporary Goan architecture.
Meenal Jain Vision and wisdoms of Raja Jai Singh and its influence on the development of Craft Sector - considering the prevailing caste system.
Padmashri Maharaj (IA1309) Space Making crafts in interior architecture : Study of cast iron in buildings of Bombay Presidency (1850-1935)
Craft & Technology Year 2010-2011
Priyanka Mangaonkar (Ms) TERRACOTTA - Transformation through TIME & TECHNOLOGY
Saili Sonar (Ms) Color Configurations of Jaipur Palaces
Shirin Borgaonkar (Ms) Stone carving of Rajasthan an analysis of the traditional and current practices with a focus on Jaali.
Smriti Saraswat (Ms) Narratives in Interior Architecture : Stone Crafts as a Narrative medium for Radhasoami - Soami Bagh Agara
History, Theory and Criticism Year 2013-2014
Ms. Manpreet Kaur Notion of Space-Making in Sikhism : A Study of Gurudwara
Mr. Tarun Gupta Function of Crafts : Understanding through the Translation Presence into Interior Architecture
History, Theory and Criticism Year 2012-2013
Devanshi Das The Changing window of Aesthetics through the Ages..and the view today
Gaurav Rajender Understanding space and its experiential quality in IIM-A, CEPT & ATMA in Ahmedabad
Harshita G Raju Structural semiotic analysis of Vernacular Architecture
Namrata Thyagraj Soundscape and sound preferences in shopping malls - An insight into the perception of Amdawadis
Richard Bara Symbolism in churches
Sangeetha Priya Ornamentation in the digital age - Understanding the influence of digital technology on the language of ornamentation in contemporary interior architecture in India
History, Theory and Criticism Year 2011-2012
Damayanti Deshpande (Ms) Impact of religion and royal patronage on Buddhist Architecture - 2nd Century BC to 7th Century AD, Maharashtra
Ketaki Gujar (Ms) Design education philosophy & its reflection in Interior Architecture.
Nishtha Vishnoi (Ms) Critical regionalism and its discerning in contemporary interior architecture of India
History, Theory and Criticism Year 2010-2011
Pooja Kshatriya (Ms) Navarasas of Indian Aesthetics and Temples of Architecture
Richa Gupta (Ms) Spatial potential of glass - a historical perspective with the study of two indian palaces.
Shoonya R Theoretical construct for architectural spaces post independence india : 1890 onwards
Chandni Gupta (Ms) Elaborative Transformation of form: An ornamental approach to the making of Interior Architecture & Design